" sleepy's head "

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Includes... ʕ•ᴥ•ʔ

𝅒 2 different edits of my head: mature/cutesy

𝅒 4 mats; eyes, eyewhites, head, expressions (can easily combine if you'd prefer)

𝅒 3 custom drawn textures (original/egirl/sakura)  
𝅒 See previews (2) for more examples!

Completely from scratch using Nikkie's free references.


Asset Purchasing TOS/TOU:

- SPECIFIC CASE RULE; You may sell textures made for this head, as long as it is completely drawn by you and follows my rules -

𝅒 Do NOT leak/resell/trade/redistribute my assets.
𝅒 Do NOT price split my assets.
𝅒 You may NOT use more than 2 of my assets on the same avatar, this does not apply to personal avatars.
This does however include my head, smaller assets of mine are okay (panties/glasses/bows/etc.)
𝅒 You may use my assets for other games, as long as it follows my TOS.
𝅒 My assets may not be sold on anything lower than $20, don't underprice your hard work.
𝅒 You may ONLY use my assets by obtaining them from the original source; my Gumroad/nitro/etc.
𝅒 Giving credit is a must, your license is ONLY valid if you link my Gumroad/Shop.
↳ My discord " sleepy#0707 " and shop " sleepysdiary.gumroad.com " must be listed.
𝅒 You may use my assets on avatars used for streaming purposes; Youtube/Twitch/etc. WITH credit to my Gumroad shop.
𝅒 If you do not fill out the checkout information correctly (Discord Tag/VRChat Name), your license is NOT valid.
𝅒 You may use my assets on public avatars, NOT on free/nitro/"code" discount avatars.
𝅒 Please do NOT give out file passwords, this includes my free assets.
𝅒 Discord server avatar-asset TOS/TOU has priority over any rules that may be included with older products.

All rules are subject to change. updated: 7/27/22

By purchasing you are in an automatic agreement to abide by my rules.

Please leave 5-star rating! (ෆˊᵕˋෆ)

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" sleepy's head "

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